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TUXEDO is laptop partner of the magazine for IT and technology fans PC Games Hardware.


As usual with TUXEDO, the PCGH-devices are available with TUXEDO_OS 18.04 or for a surcharge of 100 Euro with Windows 10 Home. During the boot process, you can then easily select which operating system is to be loaded. If you don't have a lot of experience with Linux, you don't have to worry, all drivers are installed by us and all special keys work fine under Linux.


And how do you benefit from the partnership?

All PCGH devices are available with a strong price advantage, you save up to 125 Euro. Furthermore, the warranty (Pick Up & Return) is increased from two to three years at no extra charge and the cloud storage capacity increases from 10 to 25 GB. An extra Linux system stick and a large Linux fan package are also included.

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