Linux USB sticks

Linux USB sticks

You can use your convenient Linux environment everywhere with our USB sticks with preinstalled operating systems and software.
Settings, customisations, changes, files, new software and and and are persistantly saved on the USB stick!
Choose your preferred distribution!

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  • Debian


    Debian is a GNU/Linux distribution consisting exclusively of free software. It contains the operating system and a wide range of application programs, tools and utilities, along with a matching kernel. The name Debian is derived from the firs...

  • Fedora


    Fedora is a Linux distribution, which originated from the former Red Hat Linux. In line with Red Hat's previous licensing policy, the Fedora Project follows the principle that only programs with completely free licenses may be used. This is...

  • GParted


    GNU Parted - or "GParted" for short - is a free cross-platform partitioning program that can be used with the graphical user interfaces GParted and QtParted to edit and check partitions and their file systems. With GParted Live, yo...

  • Knoppix


    Knoppix is a free Linux distribution that can be started as a live CD directly from a CD/DVD and contains KDE, OpenOffice. org, Gimp, Mozilla, XChat, Gaim and many other programs. It was developed by Klaus Knopper, whose name is also the basis fo...

  • Kubuntu


    The word "Kubuntu" means the same as "Ubuntu", comes from the Bemba language and is spoken "Ku-bun-tu". The "K" also stands for KDE. The word Ubuntu comes from the languages of Zulu and Xhosa. It stands f...

  • Mageia


    Mageia is primarily a desktop distribution. Its most popular features include cutting-edge software, an excellent collection of system administration tools (Mageia Control Centre), the ability to attract a wide range of volunteers and extensive i...

  • Mint Linux

    Mint Linux

    Linux Mint is a distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system based on Ubuntu from Canonical Ltd. The aim of this distribution is to develop an elegant and user-friendly operating system. The distribution Linux Mint is basically Ubuntu with so...

  • OpenOffice


    OpenOffice. org is a free office package that consists of a combination of different programs for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing. A database program and a formula editor are also included. The program is often called Ope...

  • PCLinuxOS


    PCLinuxOS is primarily intended for desktop use, while server use plays a lesser role. The original idea was to upgrade the current Mandrakelinux by adding additional or more recent packages. With Mandrakelinux 9.2, the package collection ar...

  • Puppy Linux

    Puppy Linux

    Puppy Linux is a space-saving Linux distribution that can be started directly from CD and carries a Chihuahua named Puppy in its logo. The approximately 60 to 90 MB (depending on the software selection) large distribution was reassembled fro...

  • SUSE Linux

    SUSE Linux

    SUSE Linux or openSUSE (formerly "SuSE Linux" or "SuSE Linux Professional") is a Linux distribution of Novell and its subsidiary SuSE Linux GmbH (Software- und System-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Nuremberg). The roots of op...

  • Ubuntu


    Ubuntu is a Debian GNU/Linux-based operating system bundled with a large package of programs. Due to its relatively easy handling and configuration, the support of developers and community as well as its design, it has developed into a popular an...

  • Xubuntu


    Xubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. But unlike its foundation, Xubuntu uses the resource-saving Xfce user environment and is optimized for low-capacity computers. The distribution includes only GTK and applications where possible.