Arch Linux is a simple and i686 optimized Linux distribution. It was introduced in early 2001 by Judd Vinet, inspired by CRUX Linux and BSD.
The system can be configured almost exclusively from a single file (/etc/rc. conf). As with other distributions, it does not use its own configuration programs and files. In addition, non-system-critical programs (from application programs to server programs) are not configured for specific distribution. Instead, reference is made to the original documentation and configuration so that general HowTos and instructions can be used.


Arch Linux was developed as the "perfect basic operating system for advanced users". Arch Linux' philosophy is based on three points:

* Keep it simple, don't overload. Follow the KISS principle.
* Do not rely on GUIs to configure, because you don't know what user interfaces are to hide error messages.
* Arch allows every user to install anything that does not violate Arch Linux' ideals.

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