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All current and currently available security CDs from the anti-virus specialist F-Secure.

Just a few years ago, bootable media containing a current or updateable virus scanner had to be searched with the magnifying glass. They were not free of charge at all, at best as an addition to the purchase of a full product. This has now changed. The Finnish antivirus manufacturer F-Secure provides its rescue CD. This allows you to start the computer and check for malware, even if Windows does not start anymore.

The recovery CD is based on Linux, more precisely on Knoppix and contains the Linux version of F-Secure Antivirus. If you are connected to the Internet, for example, if you are using a DSL router set up for DHCP, the system can retrieve current virus signatures from the F-Secure server. Otherwise, you can manually provide the updates on a USB stick.
The F-Secure Rescue CD automatically scans all connected hard disks and USB drives formatted with FAT32 or NTFS. Found infected or malicious files are renamed by adding the extension ". virus". With such a CD, you can also detect malware that hides under Windows with the help of a rootkit.

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